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20 Mar

An Important Message From Damonaz Design

coronavirus announcement damonaz design

We wanted to touch base with all of you because of the looming pandemic crisis we have on our hands here in the United States. We are in uncharted territory with the Coronavirus. We are unsure of the long term effect it will have on businesses in general. You as

01 Mar

Get Your Blog Moving by Encouraging Interactivity

Blogging and social media damonaz design

Attracting and attaining new readers is often dependent on the blogs level of quality information as well as interactivity. The majority of readers are and will always be passive readers. They choose not to engage in conversation or commenting. Even still it is important to reach out and ask questions

01 Nov

What is GeoFencing and Does My Company Need It?

geofencing damonaz design

According to Techopedia geofencing is listed as “A technology that defines a virtual boundary around a real-world geographical area.” Geofencing is relatively new. It is a targeted way of getting the attention of smartphone carriers to show them ads that are only relevant to them. It creates a virtual perimeter

11 Sep

Make Your Blog Interactive to Keep Readers Interested

SEO blog writing damonaz design

No one wants to take the time to write a blog, especially on an ongoing basis, that no one reads. Sure fresh content will continue to draw in search engine crawlers and ultimately help your site raise up the ranks of Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other engines, but really, interaction