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01 Nov

Opt Out of Being Tracked Online with this Quick Tool


Data mining is big business. Our personal information is worth a lot of money to online companies. It is their goal to get our attention and get us to purchase so that they can profit off of all of us. It is brilliant, really. You may have noticed if you

31 Jul

Page Ranking Explained

Damonaz Design

These days ranking is a hot buzzword. Everyone wants and needs their web page to rank. But what does that mean?   Larry page, one of the founders for Google, came up with “Page” (after his last name) rank as a way of measuring and comparing the importance of websites.

26 Aug

Are You Ready for Google’s Latest Algorithm Update?

At this point in time, when more than half of all websites accessed and searches performed are done through mobile browsers, it should be clear that having a mobile-friendly and responsive website is important. However, with the recent announcement of Google back in February that their latest algorithm update would