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Online Marketing Plans

These plans are all inclusive & designed to be a one-stop shop when it comes to full management and growth regarding:

  • (SEO) Marketing = Natural Keyword Ranking & Traffic Growth. This is where we target for you to rank naturally and gain “non-paid” traffic to your site from all major search engines (i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo).
  • Social Media Marketing = Weekly Posting of content along with Monthly Boost/AD Campaign Management and Like/Follower Engagement Activities
  • Pay Per Click Marketing = Google/Bing/Yahoo/Adroll/Outbrain Adwords Content Management includes creating of ads, retargeting, bid strategy, keyword performance and AD performance on text/image/content based ads. The utilization of this channel is recommended to focus on keywords that your site ordinarily does not rank well on and/or geo-targeting to specific targets and markets both on PCs & Mobile platforms.
  • Reputation Monitoring = Contact us for a custom quote. Currently not part of our initial plans
  • Other Online Marketing = Newsletter Creation & Marketing, Email Creation & Marketing, Landing Page Creation & Development and any other marketing activity will be billed by the hour for these tasks at an hourly rate of $95 an hour and billed in 0.25 hour increments.

**For further details per item, please hover your mouse over each row’s title and our “Tool Tip” will automatically display with further explanation of what that task/service will do for you. These are starter based plans and once a full discovery of what your needs are, we can adequately quote what “additional” cost will be on top of these prepackaged plans.

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  • # of Keywords Focused
    We will go after a specific set of core keywords to ensure you rank naturally on Google, Bing & Yahoo. We also will go after different variations of those keywords as well.
  • Keyword Research
    We help identify what are the on-going most searched and utilized keywords in your target Geo market.
  • Competitor Analysis
    We monitor and benchmark your SEO/Online Visibility against your top competitors and ensure we establish a plan and target to surpass them in all areas of visibility.
  • Code/Meta Optimization
    We ensure all relevant coding is SEO compliant. We also ensure your page load speed is within SEO guidelines
  • Content/Text Optimization
    We ensure your On-Page Content is optimized to your SEO Keyword Target. This includes inserting additional titles, text content, links and other items as needed on a monthly basis to keep your content fresh & unique.
  • Google Analytics
    We install, track and analyze your Visitor Traffic through Google Analytics and provide weekly and monthly updates, reports & assessments.
  • Webmaster Tools
    We install Webmaster Tools on all major search engines to track your natural keyword impressions and keyword query count. We actively grow these metrics to increase your online visibility that ultimately affects how you are found online and how users click to your website via search engines.
  • Search Engine
    We ensure your site's pages are submitted weekly to all major search engines including the many small hundred directory and search platforms.
  • Link Building
    We build creditable links that contain a description, keyword and link back to your main site on safe, category specific websites. These sites have various Page Ranking authority that will pass the necessary Keyword Link Juice back to your site that will grow your Keyword Ranking position. The more creditable links you have, the higher the keyword position you will have over your competition for that particular keyword.
  • Article Marketing
    We market and place unique articles written about your business under many different topics across many high PR ranking websites that will increase website traffic and keyword domain authority.
  • Unique Blog Articles
    Our content writers work hard in coming up with unique titles and angles that will appeal to your readers.
  • Press Release
    Our writers will write up on a monthly basis a unique sales, marketing or informative press release announcing, talking about and promoting your business across thousands of online news websites and platforms.
  • Facebook Posts
    We will actively manage & engage your readers/visitors via your Social Media accounts. We monitor performance, report analyze opportunities including notification of any user activity and/or comments. Our team will help come up with weekly post schedules promoting various products & services your business offers including general FAQs and fun facts.
  • Facebook Boosts
    We will do basic "boosts" to posts on a monthly basis to increase the amount of people we can reach on your behalf in a given geo location based on frequency chosen in plan.
  • Social Media Post Sync
    We will set up and manage blog posts to auto post on "other" social media accounts like Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube to name a few according to your chosen plan.
  • (PPC) Adwords Platforms Set Up
    We will create and set up your Adwords account. This includes the ongoing daily budgets, geo target market, keyword bid strategy, keywords chosen along with creating Ad Groups & individual ads to advertise/market a specific service and/or product for your business.
  • PPC/AD Management Fee
    This is a separate management fee. Our normal AD management rate is 25% of advertising budget; however, we offer discount pricing when bundled in our monthly all-inclusive marketing plans. This includes the optimization of your ads, ensures the proper utilization of keywords, all negative and under performing keywords are removed & the creation/deletion of ads. We will also set up all pertinent retargeting campaigns with visual banner ads. This includes weekly/monthly monitoring & reporting, conversion tracking & more.
  • Weekly Reports
    you will get a recap of the previous week's activity (last 7 days) regarding user traffic to your website, behavior and activity along with any social media accounts and adwords account we manage. Our weekly reports will contain top-side information. Our monthly reports will be the ones that contain more in-depth analysis and recommendations.
  • Monthly Reports
    Full in-depth reports delivered by the 15th of each month containing all activity generated by our Inbound Marketing campaigns along with recommendations and opportunities analysis.
  • Rankings Portal
    You will have access to your daily rankings as our ranking tool ranks your keywords everyday at 4am.
  • Traffic Portal
    You will have access to our MySEO Dashboard Portal where you will be able to see real time data regarding Website Traffic, Social Media on all accounts, Adwords, Webmaster Tools and so much more under one login.
  • Account Manager
    All members of our team our in-house located in our Naples, Florida office. You will have full access to our email and direct lines and time will be allocated based on your plan. However, at the end, we are here for you 24/7 to help answer any questions you may have. We will provide all support to your campaign.

$749per month
$749per month
  • 10
  • Yes
  • 1 Website
  • Yes (Basic)
  • 3-5 Pages/Monthly
  • Yes
  • Google
  • 10+ Submissions
  • 25+ Links
  • 5-7 Link Wheels
  • 3-4 Articles Per Month
  • 1 Qtrly Basic Syndication
  • 4 Per Month
  • $25 Advertising Credit Included Each Month
  • Twitter
  • $500 One-Time Fee Per Platform
  • 20% of Advertising Budget**
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Full Access
  • Full Access
  • Phone/Email Support
    Feel free to call us and email us as much as you like. We are here to help answer any questions you may have. At the end of the month, we will send your our monthly report and can schedule a 30 minute online webinar to go over results.

$999per month
$999per month
  • 15
  • Yes
  • 3 Website
  • Yes (Recode)
  • 10 Pages/Monthly
  • Yes
  • Google & Bing
  • 25+ Submissions
  • 50+ Links
  • 10-15 Link Wheels
  • 6 Articles Per Month
  • 1 Boosted Syndication
  • 8 Per Month
  • $50 Advertising Credit Included Each Month
  • Twitter, Google Plus
  • $350 One-Time Fee Per Platform
  • 18% of Advertising Budget**
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Full Access
  • Full Access
  • Phone/Email & 1 Hour Monthly Meeting
    Every month, we will come to your office or you can come to ours and will present and deliver our findings, progress and recommendations and answer all questions you may have along with recommendations

$1,349per month
$1,349per month
  • 25
  • Yes
  • 5 Websites
  • Yes (Full)
  • 20 Pages/Monthly
  • Yes
  • Google, Bing & Yahoo
  • 50+ Submissions
  • 75+ Links
  • 20-25 Link Wheels
  • 8 Articles Per Month
  • 1 Premium Syndication
  • 12 Per Month
  • $75 Advertising Credit Included Each Month
  • Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram
  • $200 One-Time Fee Per Platform
  • 15% of Advertising Budget**
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Full Access
  • Full Access
  • Phone/Email & Bi-Weekly Meetings
    We can come to you or you come to us and we will deliver a recap and overview every 2 weeks. We also welcome any other meetings you may need up to 3 hours of time.

$1,749per month
$1,749per month
  • 50
  • Yes
  • 7 Websites
  • Yes (Full)
  • 30 Pages/Monthly
  • Yes
  • Google, Bing & Yahoo
  • 100+ Submissions
  • 100+ Links
  • 30-50 Link Wheels+
  • 10-15 Articles Per Month
  • 1 Platinum Syndication
  • 20 Per Month
  • $100 Advertising Credit Included Each Month
  • Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn
  • $0 Set Up Fee (Included)
  • 12% of Advertising Budget**
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Full Access
  • Full Access
  • Weekly Meetings As Needed
    You might as well consider us part of your team as if we were an actual employee. We are available to you throughout normal business hours whether by phone/email/chat or in person. We can meet with you each week and answer all questions and provide consultation as needed.

**Note on PPC: The actual PPC Management Fee is separate from the Online Marketing Plans above as the PPC platform is a complete system in itself to manage. If are not interested in running any Paid Text or Image based ads, then disregard this notice.  Your monthly total will be whatever plan you choose above.

However, if you do choose to run Digital based ads that are for Text, Image, Retargeting or Geo-Fencing/Focused, our “on-going” management fee is a percentage of your AD budget (However, there will be a one-time set up fee per Adwords platform).  For example, if you are going to set an budget of $500 to bid on keywords & run on Google Adwords and you are in the $749 monthly Inbound Marketing plan, the PPC/Ad management fee under that plan is 20% of the Adwords budget. So our PPC/Ad Management fee would be 20% multiplied by $500 = $100 per month (Your PPC Mgmt Fee) on top of the $749 all-inclusive Inbound Marketing Plan for everything else = $849 total management fee a month. Of course this can go higher depending on the amount of Adwords (i.e $1,000 spent x 20% = $200 PPC Fee and so on).

There is a $500 Set Up fee per Adwords account (i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo) that will cover the labor on our end in opening up your account, writing up 3 creative based 3 ad groups that contain at least 1 Ad targeting a specific product or service you offer. It also includes 1 Retargeting/Remarketing Banner that we will set up to follow users as they visit competitor based sites. We also do the necessary keyword research, bidding & acceptance that obtains the necessary Quality Score for maximum impression exposure and low Cost Per Click to start. We set all ads with all necessary extensions and call to actions and set each ad group/ad specific to your target market. We set up Goal tracking (i.e. Phone Calls & Form Submissions and/or Purchase successes). We sync this to your Google Analytics as well.

If more ads are required and/or image based ads are desired along with specific parameters like Geo-Fencing, then this will be an additional set up fee billed by hour. We bill in 15 minute (0.25 increments) at $85 per hour. Geo-Fencing campaign cost set ups can vary (2-8 hours of additional time per platform) based on the various location targets or competitor based targets you wish to focus on (i.e. Radius around your bricks and mortar location(s) OR various competitor based locations to alert customers of your promotions, etc). Additional image based banners on average can take 30 minutes each to create. Additional Text based ads can take 10-20 minutes each to create and to get approved. If additional landing pages are required to set up for enhanced called to actions (i.e. intuitive web forms, etc), this on average can be an additional 30 minutes of time to set up design, functionality and embed into a site. If we know a head of time of that magnitude of the campaign you like to do, we can custom quote a more finite number if needed.

Digital AD Platforms We Use: Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Yahoo Gemini, Adroll, Outbrain, Perfect Audience, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and others to name a few

**If Digital AD & Geo Targeting Campaigns will be a strategy in your online marketing and you would like a more finite plan/budget, please let us know what your budget is.

**Note on Social Media Marketing: If you would like us to increase the already included weekly posts these pre-made plans already have, each additional post will be billed at 15 minute increments (0.25 hours). This includes the write up and usage of of our license-free stock photos.