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Professional Website or Build Your Own?

Go Daddy has launched their new “Build a website in an hour” promotion. As far as website builders go, it’s honestly not bad. If you are just tossing together a personal website for fun I’d say its right up there with Wix or Weebly. But if you are building for your business and in time will need to expand, personalize, and add custom features a professional site build on a more solid adaptable foundation is the way to go.

WordPress is still the industry standard. Fully customizable and can be geared specifically to your business. Our designers here at Damonaz Design take the time to walk you through (if you so choose) how to do basic updates or if you prefer we can do them for you.

The issue with self-builder sites is that they are built for Non-Graphic Designers and Non-Coders. This is great as it offers the general public, no matter what your computer skill level, the opportunity to get a site off the ground inexpensively. But the fact remains, you get what you pay for. The builders are heavily limited in what you can do and achieve.

Online these days is often your businesses first impression. What do you want people to take away from going to your site? Build with the professionals. Build with Damonaz Design.

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