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Link Building

Link Building

Link Building is an important factor in optimization for the major search engines. In the world of search engines, a link from other sites to your site is regarded as a vote of confidence. This works even more effectively if the link pointing to your site matches the theme of your web page and has a higher Google page rank.

Many factors go into determining how important the links that comes to your site from other sites are. Links are usually helpful, but can at times harm the search engine optimization (SEO) campaign if they do not correlate with your products and services.

At Damonaz SEO Marketing, our specialists in the field of Link Building deliver results that matter. We have a large database of sites, and before optimizing your site we ensure that other relevant sites are properly optimized and ethical. In other words, we ensure that link building will be able to improve your search engine rankings before we proceed.

Anchor Text Optimization

Anchor text optimization is most crucial in Link Building. Anchor text is the word that is used in the link. For example, if “Link Building” is the anchor text, the keyword anchor text is Link Building as it is the same word that is in the link. It is the anchor text that tells the search engine that the page the link is pointing to is relevant for the keyword “Link Building”. This will further lead to the search engines ranking the page accordingly for that particular key phrase.

Link Wheel Strategies

Creating a link wheel is a very effective SEO strategy that can be used to improve the rankings of your site.  Essentially, a link wheel leverages the power of highly ranked Web 2.0 sites to build targeted backlinks back to your sites.  We are experts in implementing a precise strategy that ties in these links all back to your site driving traffic that increase rankings and deliver increased quality traffic.

Link Building (out of the box strategies)

Numerous ways are used for Link Building to your web site; however, some are not conducive and can even harm the SEO campaign, thus impairing the ranking for your site. It is imperative to hire a professional SEO company to give you the results which increase the search engine rankings.

Our experts in Link Building can give you the information or advice you require. So don’t wait. Just pick up the phone and contact us to do link building for you.

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