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Video Samples

Ark Naturals

Sample style video we did that included a stock clip with embedded text explaining a specific product including some voice over.  This can be done the same for any industry talking about the features and benefits of a product or service.

Vein Specialists of Royal Palm Square

We edited this video (supplied by client) where we inserted Logo, intro music, intro image slide along with text throughout video and with outro logo and info.  In this example, we illustrate how we can edit existing video shot with an iPhone or any regular video recording device.

Beattie Development

Sample style video where we did a slide show of homes with music playing in the background along with explanative text.  This sample style can be great for showcasing the inner workings of a product or service or even showing your brand.  Branding could be pictures with staff, customers (testimonials), or even slide show of benefits to a product or service.  The possibilities are endless.