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24 Oct

IPALC – Independent Physicians of Lee County

is a group of physicians in Lee County (Florida) who are concerned about maintaining the quality of medical care in our community.  With over 600 plus members and over 150 group practices, IPALC has become one of the premier one-stop information in finding the right physician for your medical needs.

We were approached by the IPALC board to custom develop their site to have full custom directory listing on each group and physician that included the following:

  1. Admin Role to have the ability to update pages and blog
  2. Physician & Group roles to update their own profiles and listings
  3. Ability for visitors to initiate contact to each physician and group in a secure manner
  4. Ability for physicians to communicate with each other via an admin portal in a secure compliant manner
  5. Ability to collect and send referrals
  6. Ability to share socially physician and group listings
  7. A complete custom backend for tracking member dues and email notifications including paypal integration
  8. Complete new member sign up all online.
  9. Custom Search by physician and category
  10. Custom SQL database & PHP development
  11. Google MAP integration based on Address Listings per Group/Physician

We are happy to announce the launch of this new site and happy we will continue the full management and SEO of this site to further help bridge the gap between local lee county residents looking for physicians.

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Luis Campos

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