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What can Organic SEO do for my Naples & Fort Myers Business?

Organic SEO is the process in which placement takes place naturally within search engines such as Google and Bing. Organic rank is based solely on site content and determined by factors such as:

    • Quality of Content
    • Keywords and Keyword Analysis
    • Number of Backlinks and Quality of Backlinks
    • Domain Authority
    • Optimized Web Pages
    • Meta tags and tag attributes

Why is Organic SEO Marketing important?

Organic SEO is important because building and planning your site to rank organically among potential customer keyword searches helps to ensure ongoing and continuing online visibility & stable keyword penetration. Sites that offer relevant content in relation to their chosen keywords get more clicks as the content keywords are searched. Sites that use this approach build trust among users, as well as with search engine crawlers. Organic is also incredibly cost effective when compared to paid listings which must be continually updated and repeatedly paid for.

Why Choose a local SW Florida SEO Agency like Damonaz Design?

Our organic (SEO) search engine optimization service ensures that your website builds towards gaining top rankings in all major search engines and sustains these top positions long term.

Damonaz Designs is a cutting-edge team of Naples SEO (search engine optimizers), who use only the best white hat search engine optimization practices, that can help deliver measurable results within your website marketing budget. We help maximize every marketing dollar effectively.

Damonaz Designs is lead by some of the brightest minds in the search engine optimization field and we are proud to deliver proven website optimization results for our SW Florida businesses – let our experts create a search engine optimization strategy just for you!

Where do we begin? – If you currently have a website, let us run a comprehensive SEO analysis so we can properly evaluate your current position.

Organic SEO Ranking

Our SEO competitive analysis includes an in depth look at many of the elements that today’s search engines look for when determining who to rank highly.

  • Number of Pages Indexed
  • Number of Backlinks Indexed
  • The Age of your Domain (s)
  • Content Strategy
  • Link Acquisition/Growth
  • Social Media Efforts
  • Website Structure (s)
  • Meta Usage
  • Internal Linking


Then we follow up with an SEO Website Analysis that focuses on ensuring that your site architecture is accessible to search engines, logical for human users and easy to update and upgrade are keys part of your search engine optimization efforts.  With our site structure analysis, we will review the most important elements when determining “search engine friendliness” of the website. These include:

  • Number of pages indexed
  • URL Structure
  • HTML/Code Structure
  • Content Preparation & Deployment
  • Meta Information Usage
  • Sitemap / Internal Linking
  • Human Usability
  • WC3 Compliance


Analyzing these elements we can provide corrections and improvements which will benefit your site across three major areas.

-First, your site will be easier for the search engine spider programs to find, index and categorize.

-Second, your site will be more logically laid out for human users, enhancing their ability to get the information they need to choose your business over your competitors.

-Finally, your site will have a consistent, more upgradeable structure. You’ll be able to expand in the future without having to start from scratch.

We then go after the promotion of your site online, building authority around an aggressive link building campaign that will not only drive traffic to your site but also increase keyword rankings on top search engine user queries.

If your goal is to get better placement in search engines and rank high for your top keywords and phrases, you should strive to improve your link popularity. Building quality links will boost your website and there is no shortcut. We ensure what we do will be placed and ranked as a high-quality link.

We provide weekly and monthly reports on our progress outlining in detail a comprehensive outline of your website’s performance surrounding keyword rankings, website traffic behavior & conversion goals. Plus, all DZ SEO clients get access to our “MY SEO” web rankings portal & to our “SEO Tools” portal where one can see daily rankings and traffic results with an archive of all past reports.

What to expect?

You can expect to earn top rankings within the keywords we target for you. Why pay for keywords when you can rank organically with a focused quality SEO campaign?

Whether your site needs a one time SEO refresher or a long term SEO Campaign strategy, we can help you achieve the results you strive for.

Our monthly service plans include a one-time SEO full optimization of your website in addition to a monthly monitoring of your site’s progress on keywords and rankings. Throughout the course of the month, we will enable an effective blogging strategy along with implementing an effective social media advertising strategy (depending on which SEO strategy you choose to pursue). We will also continue to issue press releases on your company’s behalf.

Our Guarantee: Client satisfaction is guaranteed. We work closely with clients to identify goals and develop a mixture of strategies for success. All of our SEO plans all start at a minimum 3-monthmonth commitment; however, we recommend at least a 6-month commitment to achieve your full ROI. However, If we fail to meet the agreed upon objectives in the contracted time frame; we will terminate our agreement and refund any unused portions of the contract. No Questions Asked! With over 500 clients, we have never broken a contract yet!

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