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Social Media Marketing in Florida

Social media websites are now one of the most popular and regularly used destinations on the internet. Because of this businesses are also utilizing the platforms. Though Google, Bing and Yahoo come in first, social media users regularly search businesses on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest before buying from or patronizing the business.


When someone looks at your business page on social media, what do they currently see?

Is it an accurate representation of your business?

Has your page been recently updated?

Is it engaging?

Does it have the same colors, fonts, pictures, tone of voice, brand continuity of all of your other advertising and your website?

Is your contact and about information correct?

Is there a call to action? A way to get ahold of you with questions or requests?

Are people “liking” and engaging with you on your posts?

Are your posts being shared?

These are all questions to ask yourself that can help identify areas that could be improved, thus improving your business.

Social media works as part of a funnel. The varied websites allow greater ease with which to find you. Once someone finds your social media profiles, they are then automatically directed to your website. These click throughs are all trackable through analytics.

Our strategy is a simple one that can be divided into three core phases:

  1. Choosing the appropriate social media platforms
  2. Building the appropriate types of content
  3. Understanding and satisfying the needs of the audience you will be interacting with.


Why have a social media marketing campaign?

  • Connect with new prospects – social media allows you to spread your message and organically connect with prospects in your target market.
  • Communicate with prospects – you can use social media websites to communicate information and messages to your prospects, to convert prospects into sales and profits.
  • Communicate with customers – you can also use social media tools to communicate and interact with your customers, improving customer retention and reorder rates! Also, happy customers can easily connect you to their network of contacts, allowing you to reach an even larger audience.


3 Social Media Tools That Can Bring Profit To Your Business:

  • FACEBOOK:  By creating and promoting pages, events, videos, and other content on Facebook, you can turn the world’s largest social website into a powerful marketing, prospecting, and communication tool for your business
  • GOOGLE PLUS: Up 33 percent with 359 million users, more people visit Google Plus on a regular basis than live in the United States. If there’s anything that marketing’s taught us, it’s that you always want to be ahead of the curve – and right now the curve is favoring Google Plus for business.
  • TWITTER:  Have you tweeted today? Twitter allows you to send short updates and messages to your network of contacts. An effective Twitter strategy will allow you to easily communicate with prospects and customers, as well as reach new prospects for your business

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Give us a call. We can give a brief consultative overview of how we can help you achieve these goals. The free call will include a brief on:

  1. Social media tools you are currently using or what may be the best tools for you
  2. Specific goals you want to achieve,
  3. Current challenges and concerns that you face

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