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Press Release Marketing in Naples & Fort Myers, Florida

Public Relations Press ReleaseCompany advancements are fantastic… but all the better if you can get the word out and keep your customers, old and new, actively engaged.

Keeping your company fresh in the mind of your customers is key to getting new and continued business. One of the best ways to achieve that is through the use of professional press releases.

The Writing Process

A well-designed press release can not only keep your current clients informed – but bring in droves of new ones.

When the press release writers begin to write the press release, they will make sure to include the following elements:

•A catchy title that grabs your audience’s attention and helps with search visibility.
•Flavor text that draws the reader into reading the rest of the press release.
•A properly placed link back to your site within the text.
•A powerful Call to Action to end the main text.
•A descriptive About Us section to increase credibility and trust.
•Detailed contact information for your chosen contact.

Budget Press Releases

We write world-class press releases for a fraction of what other online services charge. Our seasoned writers bring years of experience to crafting top-quality releases about your company, your products, and your activities. We produce professional press releases that will tell journalists and others what you have to offer and boost your search engine standing at the same time.

We’re able to provide top-quality work at budget prices because our proprietary press release form streamlines the information gathering process while guaranteeing complete accuracy.

What We Have To Offer

• We handcraft a polished 300-to-400-word press release from the information you supply for only $110.

• If you know you have a good story to tell but are having trouble putting it down on paper, then consider talking to one of our writers in a half-hour interview after you fill out our press release form. $145.

• If you have already written a release, but you’d like it edited, then pick this option for $79.95

• We work with multiple press release distribution companies, both paid and free, and we will place your release with one of them.