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How To Turn Your Website’s Visitors Into Quality Leads

25 Jul

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The internet has turned into a very competitive world, and though many businesses are utilizing honest and skillful SEO techniques to gain traffic and leads, others are using more sneaky and often deceitful tactics in order to gain traffic fast. Google and its fellow search engines, however, are not stupid, and oftentimes these dishonest businesses will see a quick increase in their rankings, only to be followed shortly by a steady decline in numbers, with some even receiving extremely harmful spam penalties. Essentially, they are helping themselves for a short period of time but hurting themselves heavily in the long run.

SEO services can often be expensive too, whether you outsource the work to a separate internet marketing company or hire a new employee to focus strictly on your company’s SEO. Companies will often spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on monthly Adwords campaigns in order to improve their company’s search rankings, before eventually realizing that the answer was in front of them all along.

True SEO is not about keywords or links or article spinning, though each of these factors can play a large contribution. To truly have an effective website, one that both customers and search engine algorithms will love, you must have a website with quality content.

Give your visitors what they are looking for

Your customer may have found your website by typing in a keyword, but they are only going to stay if your site’s content relates to the keyword they are interested in. Former SEO tactics included littering a page with as many keywords as possible, and often completely irrelevant keywords at that. People searching the web tend to have short attention spans, so if they don’t see what they are looking for in the first few minutes, they will leave and look somewhere else, simple as that. If your website is full of rich, relevant content, however, your customer will trust you as an authority on your topic, stay for a while to browse, and attempt to learn everything they can.

Give your visitors a reason to come back

Now that your visitors know that they can trust you, they are more likely to not only come back to your website again, but to also recommend your website and company to friends and family that are looking for similar information or services. Consistently updating your site’s information and adding new content and articles will further give your customers a reason to keep coming back. They will want to see the latest news on your topic, and will end up trusting you even further if your company stays current and up-to-date.

Give your visitors a call to action

Offer your customers an incentive or a call to action, and they are more likely to not just visit your company’s site, but to actually give you a call or send you an inquiring email for further information. This is how a visitor goes from simply being a visitor to an actual lead and paying customer. A visitor might be interested in your product or services, but without guidance and further instruction, they may not know what their next steps are and may instead turn to another website or company with clearer directions. Just because you get the traffic does not necessarily mean that you will get the customer, so if your potential customer has successfully found you, make sure that you give them some options for what to do next.

What makes content, quality content?

  • Content that is grammatically correct and free of misspellings – improper English will only make you look unintelligent or careless and push potential customers away.
  • Content that offers alternatives – content that is truly driven towards helping the customer, whether it makes you money or not, will make you look genuine and trustworthy.
  • Content that is organized and easy to follow – headings that follow a pattern, wordy content broken into lists, short paragraphs and sentences, and plenty of white space for the eye to rest on will all make your website more visually appealing and less intimidating for new visitors.
  • Content that is unique and interesting – whatever your product or service is, no matter how boring or plain it may seem, if you write about it in a creative way, it will seem exciting and appeal to your customers. People love to learn, so teach them in an effective way that sets your company apart and they’ll turn to you every time.

If you don’t have current access to a quality content writer, don’t have the space or finances to hire a new employee, or just generally don’t know where to start, Damonaz Designs is here to help! Though every SEO campaign starts with quality content, Damonaz Designs understands the “big picture” of SEO and offers a variety of SEO services to accommodate any budget or business goals. Please contact Damonaz Designs today and get started on the right path towards turning your site’s visitors into successful leads.

Christan Ford-Holevinski

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