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Why Use Social Media as a Business?

01 May
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Did you know that only 7% of businesses in 2018 still don’t utilize some form of social media? That’s right. Being online can help you in a number of ways without costing you a fortune or taking up all of your time.

Social Media Such as Facebook and Twitter are often used to look up a business just as search engines such as Google and Bing are. When you are located and found to be active it adds credibility.

Social Media Helps Establish Authority

Social media is less expensive and more instant than print advertising. Using social networking attracts the attention of potential customers who are seeking your products or services. By sharing posts and information related to your business, you can demonstrate excellence in your field. If you update frequently you can become their source for information.

 Social media provides you with instant feedback

You can easily tell what is and what isn’t working and adjust accordingly for the next round of postings.

Social media personalizes your company

Suddenly a business is no longer branded by just their logo or the products they offer. Businesses can now create online personas sharing product photos, specials and sales, as well as thoughts, ideas, and information. Social media allows businesses to showcase their personality, company culture and style. Its a great way to appeal to people right on their mobile device or computer.

Social media is a Funnel

Social media is used as a funnel to capture attention and drive more people to to your company’s website and improving your search engine rankings. Social media done right can help build your business, answer customer questions, and capture the attention of viewers who might otherwise never hear of you.

Social media outlets themselves are free to use. If you have the time and an in house designer/writer/social media maven you should be all set. For many smaller to midsize businesses that isn’t realistic. It becomes more finance savvy to us a support team such as the one at Damonaz Design.

At Damonaz Designs we have a team of creative and experienced writers and web developers, well prepared to run your social media for you. Damonaz Designs works hard to accommodate your needs, offers a variety of affordable plans to choose from, and is dedicated to helping your business find it’s presence online. or call 239-244-8350

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