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Optimize Organic Search Rankings to Combat Ad Block

01 Oct
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We all realize we are being tracked online by nearly all websites visited. You may have noticed it when you save potential items to purchase in your shopping cart on a site such as and suddenly a day later when you are surfing Facebook that same item seems to be stalking you, popping up as a sidebar advertisement.

Research has shown that nearly 30% of internet users will be using Ad Block software by 2019. Although nearly every app you download, page you view, link you click, or product you consider is tracked, you do have the ability to block tracking (cookies), install anti-spam software, skip ads and customize social media feeds.

Using Amazon as an example corporation who has succeeded in this industry online, they invested heavily in SEO a few years ago. This investment paid off helping them become a master in SEO rank in despite the ad-blocking public.

Amazon traffic jumped and revenue soared into the billions. In 2017, most of Amazon’s income was created through internet retail sales of electronics and other products.

Reaching top rank in an organic search is a top goal in this new ad-blocking world.

How To optimize organic search rankings: 

  • Incorporate brand-specific keywords and phrases
  • Engage your audience on social media
  • Integrate a multidirectional SEO strategy
  • Perform keyword research and target strong keywords that are relevant to each channel
  • Optimize content for searcher intent
  • Provide high-quality content
  • Integrate Keyword-rich links
  • Track and analyze your data adjusting accordingly
  • Optimize your website with a responsive web design that is also mobile-friendly

All of this takes time and continual effort. Many companies simply do not have the money in the budget to hire a full-time in-house SEO/Web Specialist who can fill this need. That is where the experienced team at Damonaz Design comes in. Let us be your source for online presence support. Our team of SEO experts, Designers, and writers can help boost your sites visibility gaining traffic that can ultimately lead to growth and sales. 239-244-8350 or write in at We look forward to seeing what we can do for your business!

Sarah Barendse

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