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01 Jun

Are You Using Google Business Yet?

Google business damonaz design

Are You Using Google Business Yet? If the answer is no, you are missing a very formidable opportunity to gain momentum in the rankings. Google has transformed Google Business so that when someone searches for your business, not just the phone number or website appears, but a whole mini profile

01 May

How Social Media Helps Promote Your Business!

Social media Damonaz Design Florida

Social media started as a way for individuals to connect with each other. Everyone building their own unique profile and cross-sharing things they love, things that interest them, and parts of their daily existence. Over the years it has grown to be a multimedia empire. No longer are social media

01 Mar

Social Media Isn’t About ROI

Social media

Let’s set the record straight. You need social media in this day and age to advertise your business. But, I also need to add that it is not about direct ROI (return on income) it’s about brand recognition and getting your name out there… Social media helps lend credibility to