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Now, you can begin reaping the benefits of offering your customers advanced web design & development solutions. You can: Add a significant stream of revenue by providing customers with a professional, fast, and convenient web design & development solution. Gain access to a high-tech, low-cost IT team available on demand for your customers’ web design and application development projects provided as a private label solution.

We are interested in partnering with highly motivated businesses who want to profit from offering our great web services to their clients. By partnering with us you can be assured that your clients will receive the best web design services available.

Private Label Opportunities

Our Private Label Web Design Reseller Program allows you to maintain total control over your business. You can continue to operate under your own brand name and offer solutions tailored to meet your customers’ needs. We remain anonymous, allowing you to build your own successful Internet business. It’s that simple. If your clients have technical questions, you serve as the first line of support, forwarding any question you can’t answer to our support staff.

Unbeatable Benefits

Once you join our web design reseller program you will receive wholesale prices on our web design, maintenance, web promotion and hosting services. Yes, even lower than our already great value retail prices. The freedom to charge whatever you like. What you charge your clients for these services is your business. We know of some partners who successfully charge 3 times our retail prices!

How do I sign up ?

Simply complete our webresller form below. You’ll then be contacted by one of our project managers to answer any other questions you may have. We’ll then send you a contract to become a reseller and you’ll then be ready to send us your first project.

Do I need any website design or development experience ?

Previous experience is not required at all. Although it is helpful to have a general understanding of web design and development it is not crucial to your success. That’s why we’re here. Over time thru communications between your clients and us, you’ll learn a great deal and it will only make you that much more successful.

How does this work ?

After becoming a reseller you’ll begin to recruit work to send us. You essentially act as the middle-man/woman. Your clients will never know we exist if that is your preference. When a client sends you their requirements, you’ll send them to us. We’ll provide you a quote to complete the project which includes your reseller discount. You’ll then mark up our quoted price and close the deal with your client. From that point on you just communicate specs and questions/answers back and forth between us and them.

How long does it take to finish a project ?

This depends entirely on the scope of the project. Many other factors must be taken into consideration when determining a completion deadline. We will always work to give you a timeframe to complete a project when we receive the full specs. and we work diligently to meet these goals.

How do I make money as a reseller ?

After we provide you a quote to complete a project which will include your 20% reseller discount, you then mark up the price to present to your client in order to earn their business. The rate you wish to mark up our quoted price is entirely up to you.  So for instance if one of our normal packages goes for $499 (already a low price compared to our competitors) and we apply our 20% discount, you get this package for $399.  You then turn around and charge your customer whatever price you want.  Realistically, for the quality of work we provide and packages we put together, a $499 package we sell can easily be sold for $699-$899.  With your cost at $399, you would make a potential $300-$500 profit.  Its that simple!

How do I pay you ?

First, we draw up the contract between you and Damonaz Design, LLC.  Once you have agreed on projec price, you will submit the proper paperwork back to us and submit deposit.  Typically with our resellers we’ll require a 50% deposit to begin any project.  If you do not have the 50% to start, this is where in your terms with your customer, you can request a deposit (which is a normal industry practice) to ensure you have the proper resources to start with us.  Upon completion of the project we will issue the final invoice which we require to be paid in full within 3 business days.  Project files will not be turned over until payment has been received.  We accept payments via the following tenders: Visa/Master Card or any major credit card or paypal only.  We do not accept checks, cash or money orders.

How will I communicate back and forth with you ?

Upon acceptance as a reseller you will be assigned one of Project Managers who will work closely with you on all projects. We have a web based project management tool that you will be granted access to and where you’ll communicate back and forth with your project manager instead of generating email chains that can often times become confusing.

Are there any membership or other monthly fees I must pay to be a reseller ?

Absolutely none. You only pay us for projects you need completed.

Will the website designs and all materials created by Damonaz Designs be unbranded ?

Yes. For our resellers we do not brand the site in any way to identify Damonaz as the creator of such works. There will not be any Site Credit reference on any pages or content.

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