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Why invest in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

05 Jul

SEO is like this invisible mythical force that can shove your website to the front of search engines. Much like a good magician, a good SEO team has their bag of tricks. Many parts and pieces link up behind the scenes which add up to the result itself – Voila! Your website pops up when certain designated keywords are searched on Google, Bing, Yahoo or other mainstream search engines.


The goal is visibility.


People can’t look at, browse or buy what they cannot find. It is as simple as that. We live in an attention deficit driven world where, online, you have a maximum of 30 seconds to capture someone’s eye and get their attention. The higher up you rank, the closer to the first result your website will be and therefore the more likely they are to pick your link to click on. That can result in more traffic and more revenue for your business.


Building a site is just not enough.


Once your site is constructed and live online you need people to find it. That can be done in a number of ways. Direct marketing – word of mouth, business cards, flyers, or other methods of contact. Phone calls, email list campaigns to existing client database lists, cross-linking and link backs from other sites and other assorted methods all work but are limited in reach. SEO – pinpointing keywords and phrases your site is to be found under during searches and implementing them across the web as well as embedding them inside of your site will have the furthest reach possible, getting your site seen by those who might otherwise never stumble upon it.


If you are interested in boosting the visibility of your site we offer a wide range of products including social media, on page SEO, link building, and ghost blog writing. We would love to talk with you and see if your business could benefit.


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Luis Campos

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