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6 Reasons to Hire a Ghost Blogging Service

01 Dec
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While it may seem like a splendid idea to write your own blog for your company the simple facts are that you don’t always have the time ( not only to write but to program in, add pictures, and make sure the SEO and social media are done for each and every blog post on a regular basis) nor do many business owners possess the writing skills and knowledge of SEO (search engine optimization) to get their pieces noticed by Google, Bing and Yahoo (among others) in order to grab the attention and potential site traffic they are looking for.

Writing blogs for the internet is not as simple as it would seem. According to Marketing Land, 25% of companies outsource the job to a third party agency and numbers suggest that this is quickly on the rise. While many businesses put off hiring someone for this position because of the cost, the results can easily make it worth it in short order.

  1. A great writer can see your business from the perspective of a new client. We all love our businesses. They are our babies after all. The issue with that becomes that we view it after a time from inside a bubble of sorts rather than being able to see clearly what fresh eyes can.
  2. Improve your visibility and in turn, up your traffic, leads, and sales. Outsourcing allows you to create more quantity of content which equals more consistency.
  3. Save time and money by outsourcing. Hiring a writer in-house is a commitment and an expensive one at that. Bringing in a 3rd party writer who is in the budget but not on the payroll can save you a small fortune. Get the results without the hefty price tag.
  4. Written in the voice of an expert. Professional writers are chameleons. They know where to get information and they understand how to present it. Stay on the cutting edge of your industry by hiring a pro.
  5. Analytics – by hiring a professional writer and firm such as those at Damonaz Design they will additionally help track the analytics for you giving you the hard cold facts on how your new blog is performing by a piece to piece basis. They can see what topics hit and what they need to re-aim.
  6. Avoid infringement suits! This is a big one. Many amateur writers who jump into a position for a company just to get tasks done forget the lessons we all learned in high school about copying and pasting chunks from other peoples articles. Plagiarism can get your company into hot water.


If your website includes or you are thinking about adding a blog, chat with us. We would love to see if our writers are a fit for your company. 239-244-8350.

Sarah Barendse

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