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Hottest Trends in Web Design 2018

02 Jan
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Styles change. Its true in fashion, home design, automobile design, and in web design. What was state of the art and super cool a few years ago now looks hum drum and feels very past tense.

The rate at which technology has been evolving and changing over the past several years is astounding and frankly for many small businesses, hard to keep up with. Websites built just 10 years ago now look amateur in comparison to the new visual appeal coders are achieving in 2017 moving into 2018.

It may just be time to revamp your look and your functionality.

Those older websites may still look ok on your computer screen, but did you know that 78% of views are now mobile? Meaning tablets and smartphones have taken over the majority in surfing the internet.

Its all well and good to have a beautiful website on screen at your desk, but what if a potential client is trying to check you out on their iPhone? The coding and design itself needs to be able to morph and display correctly on any screen. Outdated templates and modifications simply are not intended for that purpose and often come up looking wonky at best and at worst not displaying portions at all. This leads to frustration on the user end and in our attention deficit society, most people will click away to someone else’s site in under 30 seconds.

Yes – It is a very real possibility that you are losing customers simply based on non-functionality of an older site.

Let’s look at whats hot in web design in 2018

  1. Minimalistic Design. Clean non-cluttered and quick loading. User-friendly designing is key. These faster loading sites are more desirable to search engines which means you will rank higher with Google, Bing, Yahoo and other.
  1. Maximized Security – During web development security has come to the forefront even on small sites. Hackers are ruthless and can waste valuable time and money fixing their damage. The best option is to stop the attacks before they are able to happen.
  1. Creative Typography – People are daring to go bolder than Arial and Bookman Old Style these days. Get out of the box and choose fonts that fit your brand and that you genuinely react to. 3D, Cutouts, Shadowing, effects, animated text, you name it. 
  1. Asymmetric Designs – “make it less boxy”. Clients have asked for years. Finally, that is a reality. While the logistics of this have been worked out on a technical level, asymmetric doesn’t fit in with all brands. Choose your design wisely.
  1. Negative Space – Think of Apple. Small apple on a white background. That white background is the negative space. The purpose is to draw the eye to the emblem, object, or text. This type of design is eye-catching and works.

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Sarah Barendse

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