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Communication is Key to Getting Your Company Results

09 Mar
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When you hire a marketing, social media, and or SEO company you have a goal in mind. You want results. You want more clients, more income, more visibility, more attention online and ultimately, more ROI.


We want that too. Believe me, that is our entire purpose in getting up out of bed every morning opening up our computers and creating ads, graphics, blogs and implementing strategies that will help to boost your companies ability to be found on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


The thing is, it isn’t a magic bullet. You don’t simply press a button and it happens. It takes work. It takes drive and it takes consistency over time. The right actions taken over and over again produce results.


in order to drive these actions – we, your agency, need certain information about your business that we may or may not know from first glance at your current website. So? We ask questions. We meet with you or email or call and chat via phone in order to get a feel for what you do and how you operate. That way our marketing efforts can accurately reflect who you are.


As your marketers, we need to be able to mimic your style and voice. Every company has their own persona. Along with that if there is a technical issue we need access and authority granted to be able to fix it. If your site isn’t working properly, we cannot do our jobs. If we cannot do our jobs, its almost guaranteed we cannot get you the results you are hoping for.


It is important for all involved that lines of communication stay open in both directions so if you have a question we get back to you in a timely manner and vice versa.


We do everything we can to navigate around hiccups in the tech world, but without the express consent of the owner of a website, we cannot do upgrades or major work on any businesses site even if the site itself can be seen slowly crashing.


Do yourself a major favor. If you get an email from your marketing or tech company… no matter how busy you are – open it.


Sarah Barendse

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