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Need Your Site To Rank Better? – Try Blogging

01 Mar
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If you are looking for a way to steadily increase your SEO (search engine optimization), boosting your legitimacy and value with the search engines as well as give your site visitors high-quality content, you may want to consider adding a blog.

Many people overlook this avenue, especially in business, thinking of blogs as mostly personal. The truth is that 80% of blogs on the Internet in 2018 are written with the intent of drawing in readers with business purposes in mind on top of entertainment and education.

There are a few crucial benefits your company can gain from implementing a solid blogging strategy.

Blogging can help build trust with your buyers by sharing knowledge and positioning yourself as an expert and when content is interesting, informative and helpful, readers will subscribe and or return.

Keywords, long tail keywords, and answers should be focused on and chosen carefully to match what your clientele is searching for. Keywords are ingrained in the blog writing itself as well as worked into specific search sections for crawlers to scan.

Captivating images added to gain the readers attention can also be made SEO friendly boosting the posts value even further.

Social media links – Google now also returns social media results. G+, Facebook, Snap Chat, Twitter and more – if you share your blog via social media it can help direct people back to your site driving organic traffic.

Indexing – This is perhaps the #1 reason to blog (at least as far as SEO and ranking go) – every blog counts as a new page on your website. Crawlers love fresh content. Those posting frequently are rewarded. The fact is businesses who do blog regularly get up to 55% more traffic than those who do not.

Don’t have the time?

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Sarah Barendse

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