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Do You NEED Facebook as a Business?

27 Jun
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It’s important to keep your personal profiles separate from your business, though its common to share business page posts on your personal page. The fact is that business is business. Even though its true that people buy from people and making your page personable is a huge asset, there still needs to be a dividing line.

Facebook has faced some scrutiny in recent months with data breaches yet it still is hanging on as the top contender in so far as advertising goes. They have tightened up the privacy and made things more clear. They are moving forward from here.

The typical Facebooker spends an average of 55 minutes a day online on Facebook. That is some good solid potential Face time in which to get your company in front of a potential new client.

It is important to have a good solid working website to link from Facebook once they find you. Think of Facebook as just part of the social media funnel. Twitter, LinkedIn, SnapChat, all of them are all just slides to get people to your website.

The main way people search for companies is by Googling them on Bing isn’t far behind nor is Yahoo. The thing is people since they happen to be already on social sites such as Twitter or Facebook will go ahead also and search there, using it as a search engine in essence as well. Having a page lends an air of legitimacy to your company. And if it is regularly monitored, questions answered, ratings given, and posts made – keeps you relevant.

We live in a very appearance-driven society. Looking successful is key to being successful.

Facebook business pages are free and easily put forth your name, address, phone, email, and website as well as a map so people can easily find you. Let’s face it. In 2018 we are all a little lazy. The easier the info is to find, the more likely we are to use it and make contact. Making contact makes customers.

So. If you do not already have a Facebook page for your business, or do not have time to manage your social media, chat with us, we would love to learn your business and work it for you.

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Sarah Barendse

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