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Work Smarter Not Harder

01 Aug
work smarter

It’s wonderful to be able to do every task needed to run your business. Its good to know whats going on around you and be in full control. The question becomes, especially as your business grows, do you really still have time to do everything yourself?

For most business owners, the answer is a simple “No”.

Having and actively maintaining a visible searchable online presence is necessary for 2018. Online is the main way people find and search for businesses they would like to buy from and visit. 

What does your current website say about you?

Ask yourself:

  • Is it up to date as far as information?
  • Is it easy to navigate (not only on a desktop computer but on mobile devices)?
  • Does it visually appeal and catch your eye?
  • Is your site working? – Are you getting the business you hoped for from it?
  • Is your site updated regularly?
  • Do you blog currently?
  • Do you do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to help your site come up in searches?
  • Are you currently doing social media (as a funnel back to your website it can be very effective)?


If you have doubts about the site you are currently using to represent your business, have ideas you would like to incorporate, or would like an entirely new site we would love the chance to talk with you.

From web building to social media and even ghost blog writing the team at Damonaz Design can take the pressure off of your back and do the work for you all while saving you money from hiring a marketing, SEO, graphics and writing expert in-house (which frankly, finding one person who is qualified and skilled to do all that encompasses is far and few between anyway). Let us help.

Give us a call or drop us an email today. Visit 239-244-8350 |

Sarah Barendse

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