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How Social Media Helps Promote Your Business!

01 May
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Social media started as a way for individuals to connect with each other. Everyone building their own unique profile and cross-sharing things they love, things that interest them, and parts of their daily existence.

Over the years it has grown to be a multimedia empire. No longer are social media sites only for individuals. They now encompass businesses as well, taking that online society and using it to their advantage to get the attention of potential clients through targeted efforts.

Despite the tendency of many social visitors to click on your ad or link and just as quickly exit your site, there are some very compelling reasons why social media is still worth your time.

It is hard to compare social media to other forms of traffic. You may see a spike in the number of visitors and page views, but that’s also often accompanied by higher bounce rates and lower time on the site. With weird stats like that business owners often question if it is worth the effort.

The truth is – Yes, it is worth the effort, over time. Here is why:

Almost Instant Results

Social media business profiles can be developed and created within a day or two. Though it takes time to get likes and followers the page can be up instantly getting your message out there. It’s a great option to add on to your website and direct traffic back to it, quickly.

Branding Through Social Media is Possible

One of the great benefits to the exposure that you can get through social media is the result it has on the branding of your website. Branding is key to building a successful blog in the long-term, and social media is an excellent option. Many people will search Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram just as readily as they do Google or Yahoo to check your credibility and presence.

Your Viewership Grows Over Time

Social media takes some time and effort. The main factors are good quality content and consistency. Just keep posting.

Social Links Can Help Your Search Engine Rankings

Additionally, to sending direct traffic from your social posts, the links that result can help your new posts ranking almost immediately.

Social Media Users are Easy to Predict

While there is no 100% guarantee people will click on your posts once you get to know your social media audience you can create content to their interests within your field with a good success rate. What is liked the most can also fuel future content for your site and blog as well.

Visitor Targeting

When paying for social media advertising you can get very specific. You may choose the radius from your business, the town, the sex, age, and income of the viewers to aim your ads at, and even choose from interests and hobbies making it very specific. After all these social media sites have been tracking what we all like for years now. Let’s face it. They know us.

Social Media Is Here to Stay!

Social media has grown exponentially over the years since it’s invention. It is here to stay. Making yourself and your company visible via social media can only help promote your brand. Want to get started today but not sure where to begin?

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Sarah Barendse

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