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Are You Using Google Business Yet?

01 Jun
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Are You Using Google Business Yet?

If the answer is no, you are missing a very formidable opportunity to gain momentum in the rankings. Google has transformed Google Business so that when someone searches for your business, not just the phone number or website appears, but a whole mini profile inside of Google.

It gets to people faster than your website and can very often be the first impression. Here is the thing. If you are a validated business listed with Google at all, you already have a profile. It may just not be claimed or being updated. That can leave you in the dust with competitors who have already jumped on board.

Yes, it is one more thing to manage and take time out of your busy day but the results can be well worth it.

The initial claiming of your company can be done either online with a phone call verification or they have the option to send you a postcard to the business address in the mail. Once that code is entered, the profile is yours and you become the administrator.

The next phase is the setup. Go through every tab entering company information, hours, location, pictures, description, services, and make sure to look and see if you have received any reviews yet. Google reviews are a very powerful influencer as to how future customers see your company. Answering all reviews either thanking the person who took the time to write in on your behalf, or addressing any concerns anyone may have expressed with a lower rating are both important and show that the company is active and cares. Google reviews can make or break a company these days so acknowledgment is important.

One of the newest features allows you to create individual posts much like other social media platforms. They run for 30 days and then expire so it is important to keep the momentum and create regularly.

You may advertise a special, a coupon, or any kind of offer as well as specific products, events, or just general updates. Get creative with these, the idea is to catch the eye of someone scanning through a jumble of listings on Google. Eye-catching images most certainly help.

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Sarah Barendse

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