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Flipping Visits Into Quality Leads – Content Is King!

01 Aug
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Flipping Visits Into Quality Leads

It really is amazing just how far the internet has come. It has progressed into a viable business tool and a very competitive one at that. Though most businesses are utilizing honest SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to boost incoming traffic and leads, others are using more sneaky tactics to gain attention quickly.

Google, Yahoo, and Bing are on their game. Black hat SEO (dishonest and dirty) may give your business quick numbers boost but if the search engine giants catch on you may end up injuring penalties, hurting your site in the long run.

It is important to have your SEO done the right way the first time. True White hat SEO is not only about keywords, links, or spun articles. It is about having a good quality professional website with ongoing constant uploaded original content.

Make Your Website Customer Friendly

SEO practices will help guide your potential clients to your site. Once they are there, your site has to do the job it was built to do. Get their attention and keep it. People searching the web tend to have short attention spans. If they don’t see what they are looking for in the first few seconds, they will look elsewhere.

What you want is a site that is full of relevant content, easy to maneuver links and interesting material. You want them to stop and look for a bit and if you are selling something make sure the check out process runs smoothly and quickly for every sale.

Give customers a reason to come back

Word of mouth is the best advertising you can get. Once visitors know and trust your site chances are they will be back, especially if they like your products or services. Reviews and recommendations go far with online shoppers.
Never let your site get stagnant. While you do not have to redesign the wheel, and you should always stick with your branding for recognizably, fresh content is a must.

Give your visitors a call to action

People LOVE incentive. On our end, it’s a call to action. Ask for an opinion, and give them options as to what to do next – sign up for a newsletter, coupons, latest sales and promotions, hot tips and industry advice, whatever you can dream up.

What makes for quality content?

  • Make sure your content throughout the site is grammatically correct and free of misspellings.
  • Content that is aimed towards helping the customer, whether it makes you money or not, will make you look genuine and trustworthy.
  • Content that is organized and easy to follow – headings that follow a pattern, wordy content broken into lists, short paragraphs and sentences, and plenty of white space for the eye to rest on will all make your website more visually appealing and less intimidating for new visitors.
  • Content that is unique and interesting – whatever your product or service is, no matter how boring or plain it may seem if you write about it in a creative way, it will seem exciting and appeal to your customers. People love to learn, so teach them in an effective way that sets your company apart and they’ll turn to you every time.


If you don’t have current access to a quality content writer, don’t have space or finances to hire a new employee, or just generally don’t know where to start, Damonaz Designs is here to help! Though every SEO campaign starts with quality content, Damonaz Designs understands the “big picture” of SEO and offers a variety of SEO services to accommodate any budget or business goals.

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