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What is GeoFencing and Does My Company Need It?

01 Nov
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According to Techopedia geofencing is listed as “A technology that defines a virtual boundary around a real-world geographical area.”

Geofencing is relatively new. It is a targeted way of getting the attention of smartphone carriers to show them ads that are only relevant to them. It creates a virtual perimeter around the advertised business address. The advertiser can choose the distance the perimeter is set.

This way you aren’t wasting time or advertising dollars on a wide fishing net casting it out randomly and hoping you get people who might want to visit your business.

Geofencing is regarded as a strategy for mobile marketing optimization. These days people looking for something often type in “business near me” (of course filling in the blank for “business” as to what they are in search of). With your business geofenced, it will automatically pull up.

According to the Office for National Statistics 58% of internet use is now smartphone mobile-based. That is more than half of your potential client base roaming around while searching for you.

Deciding if Geofencing is right for your business

Americans are addicted to their phones. They carry them everywhere. Because of this Geofencing has amazing potential to reach your customers. With Geofencing you are able to trigger instant messages that can catch someone’s interest right when they are near your store and able to drop by. Amazingly 90% of SMS texts are read within 3 minutes. That is far faster than email!

Geofencing campaigns can help consumers make instant informed decisions and use their time more wisely. It also helps to reduce your cost in marketing. Ads are expensive. Geofencing is focused and inexpensive when compared to traditional marketing.

How Does Geofencing Work?

You need to use a map such as Google Maps to set the area you want to fence. Once set you can then target your consumers via their mobile phone GPS tracker. You can then monitor your fence throughout the day for potential prospects who might be interested in what you offer. They remain tracked only while inside the set area.

The Benefits

While it is still a new technology, it has shown to be very effective. Studies show that consumers appreciate guidance while in an area as it saves them time having to search.

Geofencing serves as a direct ad portal! it can link your off-line business to your online presence. You can even notify passersby to look you up on social media for the best possible customer engagement.

If Geofencing piques your interest talk with us and see if it might be right for your business!

Luis Campos

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