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Social Media and Your Online Presence Are A Stronger Force Than Ever Before

01 May
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With everyone stuck at home during statewide lockdowns we are all using our computers, phones, and tablets more than ever before. They have become our link to the outside world.

So many businesses are shut down temporarily that its hard to know who is and isn’t open. This is where keeping your online presence alive can pay off big time! When people see your business not only still listed as OPEN and ready for business but see you active and engaged it gives hope and an inviting impression that makes them want to spend their money with you.

The more convenient you can make it for them the more likely you are right now to earn them as a customer.

Google Business, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and if you are hiring sites like Indeed and Monster are all good visible viable options to get your name, brand, and offers in front of people.

Make no mistake, all of this socializing via media does take time, work, effort, skill, and know-how. That is where the Creative and Technical Experts at Damonaz Design come in! We are well rounded efficient and know our stuff!

Let our experience become your success. Despite the crazy downturn, the economy is experiencing not one of our clients has gone out of business. In fact, quite the opposite, our numbers and still holding strong in searches and ROI.

Interested? – Chat with us. We don’t stick you on some cookie-cutter package hoping for the best. We get to know your business – what you do, who you are, and who you want as clients. We then create a package around how you work. Tailored packages get more reactions and that results in more business and visibility.

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Give us a call or drop us an email 239-244-8350 and let us work up a personalized quote for you and your business. Boost your business the right way – online.

Sarah Barendse

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