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Is Your Website in Danger During This Pandemic?

15 Apr
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The scary fact is depending on how you are set up in protecting yourself, it just might be.

Here at Damonaz Design, we have seen an influx of website attacks across the board due to foreign actors trying to take advantage of this pandemic.  In general, websites are targeted each day.  Most business owners are not aware of it.  In fact, as you are reading this email, odds are that your site today has been pinged by some entity trying to find a back door or vulnerability through either your site’s coding, web form or some application running your site.  In most cases, nothing happens.   But when it does, it can be catastrophic (from inserting junk malware that redirects your visitors to an external site to infecting their PCs and compromising sensitive valuable data)

In a most latest survey, 41% of websites get hacked through vulnerabilities in their hosting platform (29% by means of an insecure theme or framework and 22% via a vulnerable plugin or application module supporting a specific function).  Don’t be one of the ones that get hacked.   There are preventive measures that can be taken to reduce these odds by having an active awareness, monitoring, and maintenance program in place.

If you are a contracted SEO/Digital marketing client of ours, we already have the basic essentials in place to help monitor this activity and ready to respond at a moment’s notice should any intrusion or attempt occur.   While most website companies consider this a separate service from marketing (which in all reality it is), we think differently.   Part of a good SEO program is to ensure your site is up, active and always available for indexing by search engines and that no 404/error pages occur.  As a result, we do implement a process in our SEO plan program where we monitor the uptime of your site and have a basic security monitoring module in place that alerts us if any suspicious activity happens.   However, we do offer “next level” monitoring and maintenance programs where we scan sites daily and also conduct maintenance to your site’s coding and plugins on a weekly basis should be interested.  If so, please contact us today to learn more about how we can “fully” protect your site as best as possible on a continued basis.

To our non-contracted clients who we service (as needed when a request comes in) or friends of ours who follow us via email and our blog, we can help as well. We have monthly plans that detect and deflect hits and hacks. We also back up regularly so if your site were to take a hit it would be easily patched or restored. Should any attempts occur we are in place and ready to move, keeping your site up and your business on track.  We also update your site’s coding, plugins, and modules to the latest standards.

The website that was built 2 years ago (while working perfectly fine today) may no longer be in compliance as they still may be using older plugins, modules and coding practices that since then have been deemed to have a potential risk of hacking.

If you Interested in learning more? We highly recommend not waiting any longer. Now is the time.  Please contact us so that we can run a security scan on your site and learn about our monthly pricing. 239-244-8350 or email

Sarah Barendse

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