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Is the New Norm Wreaking Havoc on Your Business?

01 Jul
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There is no doubt that this is a tough time for any business but the fact is if you remain open and do not have a presence online by way of a website that can be easily found on a Yahoo, Bing, or Google search, chances are you may not be open long.


With fears being escalated over COVID-19/The Coronavirus resulting in mask implementation in many places citizens are choosing to stay home more than ever and shop either online or at the very least they are searching your site to see if you are open before heading your way.


If you aren’t pulling up in the first several pages, chances are you may just be overlooked. That can spell disaster. While it may seem counter intuitive to spend more on marketing during a crisis, the fact is it can be the very thing that may save you.



Damonaz Design specializes in SEO. SEO is Search Engine Optimization. We know what to implement so that your site is found by the big names like Google. While we normally recommend a mix of organic (naturally occurring results) and paid SEO right now it would behoove all businesses to take the short cut and boost by creating targeted paid ads.

We do of course still recommend organic SEO tactics as well but the paid ads give you immediate results and the edge you need.

Organic – Organic SEO takes more time but the results last. This includes keywording the site page by page and post by post as well as creating captivating metadata (the tag lines you see in the searches that get your attention and invite you to click through to the site itself). We have a variety of other implemented tactics that have proven the test of time and work well for all clients no matter the industry. The beauty of organic results is that they are permanent. They do not disappear the moment you stop paying for an ad campaign. They may sink over time if you do not keep up the efforts, but the fall is natural.

Paid Ads – these are the ads you see at the very top of the list when you do a search. They have the little tag “ad” on it (barely visible). These get a lot of attention. It is important to note that you do pay per click. So when someone clicks through it does have a cost per click. These are very effective in driving traffic immediately to your site.

Your Site – Once you have put in the effort to get people to your website, its vital to make sure your site accurately represents your business and makes it clear – who you are, what you offer, where you are, what you can do for your clients.

Damonaz Design can help you every step of the way. We offer full online marketing strategy packages and web builds.

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