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How Cohesive is Your Online Branding?

01 Aug
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When we take on a new client, we don’t just look at the task at hand. We also take a look online at that company’s entire online presence. This can include rankings for key words we feel are significant, how they are doing against their competition, If there are any links out there on the web that are supposed to lead back to the site but are broken, reputation checking, missing or incorrect information on social media such as Twitter, Google Business, Facebook, and Instagram and much more.

In the daily grind of business it is easy to be complacent and not realize that things we missed that could be helping your brand get its message across as well as helping your website and store to be found by new potential customers leading to more money in your bottom line.

That is where the creative technical team at Damonaz Design comes in. We are detail oriented and want the best outcome possible for our clients. The better you do, the better we look!

Many times, over the years, as businesses grow and advance changes are made – fonts, colors, whole logos, slogans, business hours, staff pictures, store images, products, even pricing. All of it needs to be updated and all of it takes time, skill, and effort on a consistent basis.

Hiring a Social Media Specialist in-house is a commitment and an expensive proposal. Many small to medium sized companies simply do not have the budget for the extra position no matter how vital. We fill that gap by outsourcing from your office to ours. We are here when you need us, just an email or call away. We let you know that we have received your request, complete them in a timely fashion, and let you know that the mission has been completed.

If your brand could use a boost, put us to work for you. We specialize in Graphic Design, Copy-writing, Content Writing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing, and much more.

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We look forward to working with you!

Sarah Barendse

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