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Small and Medium Sized Businesses Need Our Help More Than Ever

01 Feb
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To put it nicely, 2020 and so far, 2021 have been a hot mess.

Lockdowns, closures, people afraid to go out of their homes, business isn’t just down, its crashing and burning for many small business owners.

Even people who normally make a point to go to smaller family and privately owned shops, stores, offices, and businesses are shopping at big box stores and even more so online. This is leading to the end of the road for many formerly very successful entrepreneurs.

Lucrative businesses that have done well and prospered helping bolster the community for years, even decades, and being forced to close their doors for good because they cannot sustain the bills or pay their employees. This is leading to even higher unemployment rates and less spending. It’s a very vicious circle.

This is a very confusing time not just for business owners but for shoppers as well. It can be hard to know what is still open and in business and if you have gone out of business many have not taken the time to update listings on Google, Yahoo, Bing, or other search engines as they have no employees left to do so.

The powers that be have made it very clear. They are not coming to save you. That means you actively need to be proactive in order to help save yourself.

If you want to remain relevant online, you need to be active.

Update your Google and other listings confirming you are open for business and your current store hours and policies.

Advertise vocally. Take up an AdWords account or other platform that gets you in peoples searches. Yes, these are paid ads that only remain up while you continue to fund them, but they do work even if they don’t count in your long-term organic traffic, they can help get customers in your virtual or literal doors when you need them the most, which is right now.

Offer Specials – coupons and discounts get people’s attention especially in a down economy where many are needing every dollar to really count.

Continually add fresh content to your site – Blogging is a fantastic way to do that. As is adding images, stories, details about your business, product, or overall mission. Make sure to work in key words you want search terms to be able to find your site with search engine crawlers pick them up and it helps boost you up in the rankings to be more easily found. The more relevant you stay, the closer to the front of the searches you will become.

Use Geofencing if you are marketing locally – select carefully the area your clients are coming from and target your ads to them directly.

Select eye catching graphics – choose pictures wisely they really are worth a thousand words.

Direct your copywriting – Make sure your copy goes well with every blog or image and directly reflects the tone of your company.

We know it’s a lot.

We do it daily for all of our clients. We love what we do and we excel at it. If you do not happen to have an in-house marketing team or member on your staff, consider letting us do the work for you.
We are 100% right here in the USA and are doing everything we can within our creative and technical powers to support businesses just like yours so contact us today and let us do a quote for your company – we customize social media, content creation, web site builds, ghost blog writing services, email blasts, and much more.

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Sarah Barendse

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