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Are You Being Ripped off By Your Web Company?

04 Jan
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Are You Being Ripped off By Your Web Company?

We are finding more and more often the unfortunate answer is a resounding “yes”. It seems to be especially true of companies that focus in one genre of business – medical. These companies come in and market that they will integrate your new site with your patient portals and databases allowing you to do all of your work in one place. While this is fantastic and makes tons of sense, the fact is any website developer worth their weight can do the same thing for you.

The problem becomes when these companies sell you a site that you don’t actually even own. They build it and retain ownership. This goes hand in hand with a monthly service fee and contract usually getting you to do SEO and social media as well.

Now SEO and social media these days is vital to being able to get your new website found by potential clients, so it sounds like a win win. Why not go with the company that does it all in one nice, neat package with a bow on top?

It makes sense to us too. BUT we highly advise you to read and re-read the contract before signing and agreeing. There is often a stipulation in there saying that the builder retains all rights to the site itself and should you terminate the contract with their company, your site will be pulled down.

Along with this we are seeing the unfortunate trend that when we look at the rankings and numbers these particular sites don’t seem to be performing well. Which means likely the SEO may not even be being done, well or if at all. For SEO efforts to work and take hold they must be consistent and last over time. This is how you build organic reach.

We have been getting a lot of work coming in re-doing and duplicating already existing sites so that clients can try and get out of overly expensive contracts with others. Many with weeks to months of arguing, sending emails, and making wasted phone calls to do so.

Some of the best advice I have ever heard “When you find yourself in a hole – stop digging” – Will Rogers.


If you find yourself locked into an expensive monthly contract for a website you don’t own the rights to and are getting no results or not the results you wanted, please don’t continue to be unhappy and bleed money. We can help.

At Damonaz Design we can build your new site – either replicating the one you have if you love the design or creating a new one all together and when the project is finished, you own the site. We are happy to do any and all updates, changes, security, and offer excellent value in SEO and Social media. All of our packages are customized to your needs, so you are never over charged. Additionally, our contracts are month to month with only a 30 day no hassle cancellation.

We would love to work with you and with Damonaz Design you own the rights to everything we create in your company’s name. The website, all copywriting, blogs, and custom designed posts and memes.

Ready to take charge of your brand the right way?

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