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Visual Search Can Take the User Experience to a Whole New Level

01 May
Visual Search

Visual Search Can Take the User Experience to a Whole New Level

It isn’t always easy to describe in words what you see in a picture. After all, what’s the old saying? A picture is worth a thousand words? Who has time for that? Finding what you are after has become so much easier than thinking of key words or long tail phrases that ‘might’ land you close to what you are searching.

Now there is visual search, and it is becoming rapidly the most favored search choice by many. These apps turn your phone’s camera into a search bar.

Google Image Search was one of the first. When you are on Google’s main page just look up to the right where it says images. Click on that and it transports you to Google Images. It works the same as a regular search except that rather than typing your inquiry, you drag and drop an image into the search bar. This works best on a desktop computer. But never fear, Google has created their own app for image searches on phones called Google Lens.

Home goods and apparel – find similar product and where they are in stock.

Barcode reader – use a bar code to find where to buy an item.

Book – get a synopsis and read reviews before you buy.

Building, landmark, business – find out hours, info, and more.

Plants, Animals, Even Paintings! – Aim your camera at just about anything. Snap a picture. Get information. It’s that easy.

Pinterest has jumped on board with their version called Lens.

You can point your app at anything from shoes, to flowers, to your family pet. It will take the image and search and give you results based on the image loaded.

Optimizing your website for Visual Search is now Key.
If you have an older website, it is time for a techy refresh. Call your web designers and engineers and let them know you want to optimize the site for this new technology. If you don’t have a web designer on staff or on call, give us a call at Damonaz Design. We can help.

CamFind is another alternative visual search app.

Powered by ClougSight Image Recognition API this is touted as the most accurate visual search engine so far. You can even take a picture of a movie poster and it will tell you where it is playing and at what times near you!

Bing Visual Search

With Bing Visual they have gone so far that say if you love a room in an architectural magazine. You can take the picture and get as detailed as finding the name and model of the chandelier you love so much.

The fact is that visual searches are the wave of not only the future, but right here in the NOW.

62% of Millennials are more likely to use a visual search than they are to type it out.

There is only a 19% return/fail rate on images. That is amazingly accurate.

600 million visual searches are performed on Pinterest each month.

There is a huge calling to revamp your websites to be visually oriented. If your site has not been optimized yet you are likely missing much traffic. Ready to step up your game and go visual?

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