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Online Is Where Your Company Receives the Most Visibility (If You Are Doing It Right)

01 Jul
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Is Your Company Getting The Attention it Deserves?

We know for a fact that getting your company seen online takes constant work. Building your website is just step number one. It’s a place for people to land, to learn about you, your business, and what you offer.

It’s like building a brick and mortar old school business. You have pulled all the permits, done the build out, stocked it with inventory and staff, you are ready to go………………. But is there a sign outside? Have you done any marketing to let the public know you are there? If not you may just be sitting there.

It works in similar ways. On and offline. Both have an address, be it virtual or physical. Both of these addresses are where potential customers and clients need to get to in order to buy from or work with you.

Online marketing involves strategy most refer to as an online funnel. All that means is that you spread out your efforts throughout the net and each of them leads back to the same location (your website) like a funnel or a slide, it brings them home.

These can consist of Google posts and listings along with reviews, paid Google Adwords ads that run pushing you to the top of the search page on the browser (also done with yahoo, Bing, Duck duck go, Brave, and Startpage), Blogging efforts creatively keyworded to get not only your readers involved but let the bots search your page for relevant terms taking you even higher organically, creating social media accounts and updating them regularly with interesting and relevant content that shows who you are, what you offer, and that you care and serve your clients, as well as updates to the site itself. Websites even once declared “done”, are never truly done. There are updates and upgrades by the coders who made the themes, plugins, and safety features. Over the years you also may choose to add in online selling capabilities, additional services or products, chat bots, messaging, or many other new features that come on to the market.

Social media, copy / blog writing, and marketing are a full time job.

Unfortunately, many companies don’t have the man power or the technical skill to really do their brand justice. This is where Damonaz Design comes in. We are a full production house that is hirable by project or contracted monthly to help boost your sites traffic and get you where you want to be.

Ready to take your company’s marketing and brand recognition to the next level? Talk with us. 239-244-8530 or visit us online at to learn more.

Luis Campos

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