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Saying Goodbye to Adobe FLASH in 2020 for Google Chrome

03 Jan
flash google chrome 2020

At least in Google Chrome – Flash will become a thing of the past. Though it was announced back in July of 2017 few may remember that this event is on the horizon. 2020 is upon us and by years end, Flash will no longer be supported.

Flash, for the last 20 years, has been a formidable program that has helped create video games, web apps, and websites. Its use has been diminishing over the last few years. The stats have plummeted from 80% of websites having flash code embedded to only 17%. That number continues its downfall.

The thing is, since the creation of Flash back in the early 2000s, newer, faster, more proficient technology has been slowly creeping in. They are also more cyber secure so you don’t have cares about banking, shopping with your credit cards online, or opening up private documents and they work on both desktop as well as mobile devices.

In 2019 these open technologies became the new default for Chrome and sites started asking permission to run flash. It will continue to be phased out over the course of the year. You will be asked on any site that has it if you would like to run it or not, giving you the choice. By this time next year, Flash should be a thing of the past with Chrome users.

The end-user might not see a ton of difference in the visual or way websites operate but programmers and coders have some changes to make.

If your website uses Flash currently we would love to help you change over to a newer more updated model. Just give us a call at 239-244-8350 or email to see how we can help.

Sarah Barendse

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