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Get Your Blog Moving by Encouraging Interactivity

01 Mar
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Attracting and attaining new readers is often dependent on the blogs level of quality information as well as interactivity. The majority of readers are and will always be passive readers. They choose not to engage in conversation or commenting.

Even still it is important to reach out and ask questions – invite the opportunity for a conversation to happen if you allow comments. It helps to encourage readers to come back time and time again.

Here are a few ideas to help make your business or personal blog more hands-on.

Enable Commenting

Allowing your guests to express opinions and thoughts lets readers know that you welcome feedback and are open to a dialogue. Even if you have a lot of RSS readers who don’t visit your page, it’s important to leave the lines of communication open.

Take a Friendly Tone

People love making friends online and they love to put a persona to a business.

Taking a less salesy tone and making it more of a discussion encourages an open platform.

Good Intentions Count

Make your visitors feel like you are there to give them information that will help them and that you don’t just think of them as a number. When readers realize that you’re invested in helping them through your writing, they become more likely to participate.

Write an Article Series

Writing a series can turn short-term and even one time landers into a dynamic readership. People often return for the next installment. It’s also a great way to test out the popularity of topics.

Encourage Guest Posts

If you want an easy way to get more players involved in your conversation, encourage guest posts. Even though your readers are probably used to your style and enjoy reading your posts, interactivity can be improved by giving visitors the opportunity to read something different every once in a while. This also enables you to participate in conversations by posting comments on someone else’s content. To promote guest posts, include a separate tab for submissions or mention it on your contact page.

Write Guest Posts for Other Blogs

To get more activity on your blog, offer to write guest posts for others. Your byline on someone else’s blog may lead new visitors to your page, so take advantage of this opportunity. You might even arrange a guest posting trade-off with another blogger, writing for each other once a month to help generate more traffic for both of you.

Reward Readers

For those who subscribe consider offering an annual gift. This gift could be a discount, a free eBooks, a small gift of merchandise, gift certificates, coupons, or anything else to let them know that you appreciate their presence and loyalty.

Be Understanding

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t notice a drastic increase in the number of comments.

With subscriptions, it’s more likely that your interactivity will increase in places you can’t monitor as easily as your blog. You can hire a social media service such as Damonaz Design to track threads related to your blog so you can visually keep track, but also just have faith and trust the process. Online branding takes time and consistency. Brand recognition is key.

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Luis Campos

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