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An Important Message From Damonaz Design

20 Mar
coronavirus announcement damonaz design

We wanted to touch base with all of you because of the looming pandemic crisis we have on our hands here in the United States. We are in uncharted territory with the Coronavirus. We are unsure of the long term effect it will have on businesses in general.

You as a business owner may already be thinking and trying to plan on what is next for your business from a marketing & online standpoint.  We want to let you know we are here to assist in any way we can.  Your online presence has never been more crucial to ensure your customers are in tune with what you are doing, what offers you may have and how you will continue to conduct business.  Communication is going to be vital in all of this including the ability to attract new customers as well as retain what you have already achieved.

Fear of loss may mean no loss, but it also certainly ensures no gain.

At Damonaz Design we have adapted to this pandemic and effectively are working from home and charging ahead fully on every client account keeping your sites are updated & active, SEO Campaigns going full speed ahead and Digital Ads are performing strongly along with the many other services we provide on your behalf.

We are here to support you through this, whatever you may need. We welcome any and all special requests if you need special announcements posted, content created, email blasts composed, special Adwords campaigns managed so you are visible readily on Google, you name it we will accommodate!  In fact, some of you have already seen our fast reaction to your requests this past week and a half and will continue to do so as we progress through this crisis.

We appreciate and value all of you as our extended work family. We wish you health, peace of mind, and success through this. This too shall pass and we are working hard on your behalf to make sure your company holds strong.


The Entire Creative Staff at Damonaz Design

Luis Campos

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