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The Time to Streamline Your Online Marketing Efforts is NOW

02 Sep
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There has never before been a time so perfectly suited to making the most of your online marketing efforts no matter what business you operate.

2020 Has been one heck of a weird year business wise – industry regardless. If you are still standing, thank your lucky stars and move forward with focused intent.

How do you do that? You may ask…

Optimize your site. Have some fresh eyes take a look. Not only from a customer perspective but on the back end as well. Make sure your site is easy to navigate, functional, gets your brand and point across easily, and on the back end that your stats and conversions are where they should be. If they aren’t some tweaking is needed.

SEO is vital. No matter how beautiful, functional, and wonderful your site and your products or services are, if no one finds you, it is wasted effort. Search Engine Optimization takes place on page (in your site) as well as off page (linking back to your site). It comes through organic (non-paid) and paid placed ads. The fact is without doing SEO you are just floating out there in a sea of websites.

Social Media. Its important to have a good online well branded social media presence that is interactive. People search via Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines to find you, but they also often look up your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Google Business posts to see that you are still active and in business as well as what you are up to and what reviews say about you. What kind of clout do you hold?

Your customer base. Do you have an ever-growing email client/customer list base? If not, it is time to start one. There is no better marketing base than those who have already worked with you in the past. You can use your list to market, advertise new offers, send out coupons, event invitations, and so much more. This is a highly useful avenue to have. While over saturating someone’s inbox will get you booted and unsubscribed, if you keep the content interesting and only every so often you are likely to be a keeper.

Copy writing check. Have you read through your entire website recently? Often when sites are put together owners and managers tend to get overwhelmed in staring at it for so long. There are sometimes spelling issues, typos, and even things that just don’t really convey properly what you were meaning to say. Having a copy writer/editor browse through is never a bad idea.

While all of this is incredibly important, not every business has an in house person who is assigned to take care of all of this and it is a lot of work to do along side of another position. This is why we find it often undone in many industries. This is where we like to come in and offer our services. At Damonaz Design we have assembled a gem of a creative technical team and outsourcing to us right here in the USA is far more cost effective than having to add a salaried employee to your team.

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