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Our Clients Online Businesses are Thriving Even in This Down Economy

03 Oct
Online business marketing Damonaz Design Florida Arizona

Believe it or not, even in this crazy pandemic, our business and those of our clients are all thriving and doing very well.

That’s right, there has been an upturn for those who have managed to push through and persevere by changing up their business strategy and moving more towards an online focus. Social media, SEO, Blogging, Content Creation, Running ads, and much much more all building towards being seen and found on the big name search engines Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Increasing visibility in the massively flooded online market is what we do here at Damonaz Design.

While you can’t get to page one on Google overnight (no matter what you are willing to spend) over time we have tried and true methods of organically moving your site from the dark basement recesses of pages back in the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and beyond where no one ever continues to search to. (Fact is most people never search past page 10). To being found easily with multiple site links aiming back at your website.

These results are not simply based on paid ads which once you stop paying the result is lost, it is done in a natural (organic) matter which stays fairly solid even if your efforts stopped. Think of it like running a marathon. Each listing for a website, an article, an offer are all runners. Some times during a race another runner may gain some speed and pull ahead of you, but if you just keep steady and keep trying and putting in the work, you can catch your second wind and zoom past them. This is what SEO tends to do because it is everyone who is writing new fresh content, posting new blogs, creating new pages, and forging links between sites.

It is a game. One that if you know the rules you can win.

At Damonaz Design we have practiced and perfected our game. We can get you the results you want. More visibility. Targeted and in front of potential clients and customers who specifically need what you are offering.

Our clients are experiencing holding steady and even experiencing growth in their own markets. If your business needs a bump, call us!



Sarah Barendse

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