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01 Dec
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We are not your average web company.

More and more we are running into clients that are coming to us after having a bad experience with another company. We hate hearing these stories because it casts doubt on all of us in the industry, when in truth, all of us are not the same.

There are apparently several companies out there – especially specialty web designers that target chiropractors and doctor’s offices that promise the world and deliver nothing. This is all while charging them an arm and a leg not only for the initial build (Which in some cases the client doesn’t retain rights to and once you cancel their service the website is gone) but also for monthly ongoing “fees” where they are supposedly doing “back end” social media yet the clients see zero results.

We hate hearing this.
It makes the industry look bad and that is NOT how we operate!

At Damonaz Design: We lay out an individualized quote for every client build. We base them all on a standard hourly rate that covers all design work, build time, and consultations. There are no hidden fees. Once the site is built? It is YOURS. We do not own your site. If you want to take it and move to another company (though we hope you stay with us) you have every right to do so. We will even give you the creation files for your new designer to work with.

If you contract with us on a monthly basis it is for ongoing support for any issues that arise, for updates to the site (billed in 15 minute increments), for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is what gets your site traffic and found ranking on top search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google, as well as social media creation of ads and marketing strategies. We work regularly with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn. Most of our Social media and SEO clients are contracted month to month in a pre-designed package so they know exactly what to expect.

Results, especially organic (non-paid) do take time. We ask that clients look at 3-month periods for growth. There is a lot of competition out there and natural results that stick take some time. We also will work in paid ads such as Ad Words and Press Releases that will boost instantly your visibility. They get great results, just remember that once you stop paying those results (non-organic) do not stay. The ad is removed by the platform.

We also are able to host your sites in house giving us a major advantage of not needing to work with a 3rd party vendor. Even the top dogs like Godaddy every now and then have issues and they are issues we at Damonaz Design cannot fix for you because we aren’t in control of their servers. When hosting through us, we remain in control every step of the way. This is a major advantage.

Our team includes programmers, coders, writers, and graphic designers. We do it all in-house collaboratively for a fraction of the price it would cost you to put your own team together and pay out yearly salaries.

We do SEO, SEM, Pay Per Click, Ap Building, Website Builds, Website refreshes, integrations of new plugins and new systems, creative and copy writing, design work, photo selection, and brainstorming. We take on the role of representing your company to the very best of our ability without ever looking for credit.
Our goal is simple. If you succeed, we have succeeded.

Give us a try!


Sarah Barendse

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